Funny Story

Yesterday, Michael was working late and I had to make a Target run.
When I asked him if he wanted me to pick up anything
he said to find Eva a new toy.
Something new, different and to let her pick it out.

So, there I am standing in the toy isle...
handing Eva toy after toy 
hoping for her to really love something.

As I am starting to give up all hope...
she starts screaming and pointing.

I am looking frantically for what has got her all riled up.
Hoping to find it soon so she will stop screaming.

She is getting louder and pointing with both hands.
Trying to hush her only makes it worse.
I tried leaving the isle and the screaming became deafening. 

So back I go...
Another shopper passes our isle and starts chuckling.
I am blushing and starting to sweat. 

I am touching boxes, as fast as I can.
Then I finally get a smile.

It is a race track with little cars.
CARS! That is the word she has been screaming over and over.

I hand her the box, "Car, car, car." she says.
"Car, Car, Car..." clapping and smiling.

All the way through the store.
As we get milk... "Car, car, car."

While I look at mops...
by the Halloween costumes...
and in line....

Car, Car, Car.
Car, CAR, CAR!

I have never been so glad to check out and get out of Target.


Oh... I guess I left one little thing out.
Eva's word for car isn't really car...

It is cock.  
Now that is funny.
(See while I raced out of the store.)

I have been trying to get her pronunciation fixed...
only while inside our house... alone.
No luck yet.

She loves her new toy.


rachel said...

oh my, THAT is funny.

Beard said...

My kid used to call a clock the cock. Awkward when we visited Grandma's house and she pointed at her clock and said, "COCK!"

Good story, thanks for spilling it!

misc.alaina said...

Too funny! I can just imagine your experience in the store!!

Liz said...

Hahahaha love the words of babes :)

hannah singer said...

hysterical! such a funny season, kiddos and their pronunciation ;)

Carri said...

adorable! makes me want to buy her a whole basket of cars

Meredith said...

I am seriously laughing out loud...we have a similar issue with "fork".

Carol said...

Bwhahaha. We had that problem with the word fox...somehow the X never got pronounced. Get it on video because one day it'll come out right and that'll be the end of it.

Glad she loves her new toy :)

from mel said...

SO cute!!! it's official. she and jack would be best friends.

or....he would steal all her cars. ;)

Kelly said...

My mom just got Carter that toy and he loves it!! What a great story. It is so funny how they pronounce things in the beginning ;)