Rock Candy


Rock candy...
or pure sugar on a stick.


We were worried...


but she loved it.

Pheeww... close call.

and then, she {snapped}


Seeing Each Day said...

Hey, great catchlight in your little ones gorgeous eyes. Love her outfit and the way she's got her right hand in the middle shot.

Carol said...

Beautiful photos! I love how the light shines off of the candy.

We've never given our littles rock candy...we should, makes for a better photo than jelly beans.

Rici said...

Love this! She looks adorable! Teagan had her first taste of a real peppermint stick (like dime candy) the other day and gobbled it up! I cannot wait to get these two together!!

Cari said...

Great photos, wonder what she's thinking? I used to love that as a kid. Good thing you went with the clear/white! Red and blue rock candy is bad for adorable little white sweaters. Always love your posts, Nessa.