I am eating Tom Yum soup for breakfast.
I am not a breakfast food person.
I would rather have leftovers.

My husband hates that.
He is a traditionalist.
Cereal, eggs, coffee.

He loves me anyway...
and takes great photos.

I am drinking coffee with my soup.
I think that somehow might make it worse.


hannah singer said...

haha!! this cracks me up!


Carol said...

Love this! I'm not much for breakfast either...unless it's breakfast for dinner...I like it then. Just something about food in the morning seems irrelevant when all I want is coffee.

**Love your headband!

Kara Faith said...

I like breakfast foods at other times of the day, morning just seems too early to eat.. I am weird too.

Kelly said...

I love breakfast for dinner. In fact, I could probably live on breakfast foods for every meal :)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Yes, your husband takes lovely photos. I love this one.

I like all kinds of food at all times of day, so I could have cereal and coffee or I'd be just as happy to have a bowl of soup for breakfast.

Alida said...

Love the photo! And I am not much of a breakfast person either.