I found a new thrift store.
Michael took Eva to the zoo and I went alone.

Weird how the first moments I am all by myself I feel so weird.
Like I am missing my pants or something.

I grabbed some tacos...
Parked the car and listened to NPR before hitting up the store.

Yeah, I know NPR... my mom says I have an old soul.
I think what she really means is I am nerdy.

It was a good thrift day.
I found a long cashmere belted cardigan for five dollars.
I seriously rechecked the tag 20 times.

Eva and acorns

There was also this old Mason jar.
At home, I filled in with acorns.
I filled it and the monster emptied it.

So I refilled and she re-emptied.
We counted and sorted.
Inspected and dumped.


And my favorite find was this baby quilt.
It was worn and faded.
Just perfect.

Someone lovingly made teeny tiny stitches for a teeny tiny person.
It is well used and soft with age.

Sometimes I wonder who in the world would let go of such a treasure...


Mia said...

What beautiful finds! :)

I couldn't help but giggle at your description of you being along-feeling, that is so true!

Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) said...

Gorgeous pix!

Michelle said...

Nothing wrong with NPR - it is where I get my learning these days :)

Carol said...

The quilt probably has a beautiful story attached to it...and it's found a good home :)