A Hike

In October you don't take nice days for granted. 
They are getting to be few and far between.

Soaking them up
and enjoying the little things.

The sounds the leaves make under your feet.

Eva feet in leaves

Big or small.

big leaf and shoes

The sunlight that follows the leaves to the ground now... 

Family shadow

dotting babies heads like sprinkles.

Daddy Eva on Stairs

Eva Hike

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and Paper Mama


Tara said...

Great captures, the first shot is beyond adorable!

Carol said...

Wow. For a second I could actually hear what leaves sound like crunching underneath my feet. Thanks for bringing me back to childhood (and the midwest) for a moment today!

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Well done, Nessa. Love the shot of Daddy and Ava! Fall is my favorite season:) Must enjoy it before the, you know...'s' word.

Melanie said...

Uhmmm.... Mama's got some mad camera skills... YO! AND the cusest lil monster subject there ever was! Xo

Anonymous said...

Your photos are fantastic!