Eva and the Hexagons

Somedays you get caught up in your head.
Stuck in a dialog all your own.

You mind gets tricked into believing that all those thoughts and worry does something.
That it can stop, fix, or relieve something.

Then you are reminded...
worry does nothing.
Nothing good anyway.

Eva and Daddy

You call in some backup.
Some love from your family and friends.

It takes you out of your head...
and your not alone anymore.

It might not stop or fix.
But it relieves...
gets your mind on the good.


Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

True, family and friends are good for perspective. Hope all is well. Why does the monster look so big all of a sudden? She needs to stop growing I think.

Heidi said...

I'm kinda doing this too, setting aside the worries and stresses that have been playing in a loop through my brain. Taking a break from my usual MO has helped.

Also, love these photos so much.

Adrienne said...

Call in some back up.
Might be one of the best lines I've read recently...
Reminds me of the Pooh quote I posted today!

Carol said...

Ah, I was in this spot last week, Nessa.