My head is all over the place today.  I just can't seem to keep my thoughts in there long enough to act.  As soon as a something materializes, it gets bumped out by something else.  My thoughts are scatted and floating about.

I feel a little antsy.
But I am operating in slow motion.

It took 3 trips up and down the stairs, carrying a toddler, to remember the monster's shoes that took me on my original trip.

I went to warm-up the car this morning, with no shoes on.  
I was walking back in the back door when I made a mental note of the situation.  My feet were pretty cold.

On our way out and about this morning, I made am wrong turn. 
I continued driving the complete wrong direction a few miles before realizing it.  

I think my brain sent me this memo:

On break - be back soon.

and I just forgot to read it.


Lish said...

Mommybrain-that's what it's called. I have it every day!!! LOL!!! Good luck!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

I get this way too! lol

Anonymous said...

He he. Happens to me all the time. Great leaf photo.