Christmas Cards

I love getting mail.
Good mail.
Cards and letters kind of mail.

So, as you can imagine I love Christmas.
Cards and letters from everyone filling the mailbox.

I had been looking for the perfect Christmas Card.
I enter the Tiny Prints Cutest Baby Contest late one night when I couldn't sleep.

I loved this photo...
and it fit perfect.

The next day I couldn't stop thinking about this card.

Last year, I order Eva's birthday invitations from Tiny Prints...
and I couldn't have been more pleased.

There is something wonderful about the heavy weight of wonderful paper.
How it feels special to open it.

Then Tiny Prints offered me 50 cards for free...
and so I danced.

I can't wait for the cards to come.

If you haven't gone and looked at all there wonderful card options...
Go Here.

And if I hadn't been drooling over this card for a week...
then I would have picked these cards that are also ornaments.


You can find all the ornament cards here.

Tiny Prints is giving me 50 Christmas Cards for this post.
However, I meant every word I said...
and have really been drooling over this card since I made it.
Thank you.


Adrienne said...

I'd be in love with that card too! (though I don't think you could make a not cute card with her on it!) Great company - my daughter and I have both LOVED checking out all their designs! ...and I'm right there with you on the wonderful feel of good paper...one of the many reasons I scrapbook!

ArtyMarti said...

Cute card. I received my first Christmas card today. Love to get those cards.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cards! :)

Kelly said...

We need to swap addresses!! I have a Christmas card with your name on it ;)

Carol said...

Sweet! I love the ornament idea...multipurpose, and thereby earth friendly :)