Daddy hiding

Boo Eva

Daddy chasing Eva

Run Eva Run

Today, I took the monster to her Grammy and Poppy's...
and I went to work at my old job.

Once or twice a week I have been doing the 9 to 5 thing.
Well, it is really a 7 to 6 thing with the drive and all.

It is nice to get a peek at the old me.
Making decisions, solving problems and number crunching.
Since I am helping them out of a mess, I have my hands in a lot of things.

It feels good to use that part of my brain.
Getting immediate results and positive feedback from my efforts.

Parenting isn't like that.
There is a lot of effort and then a lot more waiting.
Teaching, showing, guiding...
and then waiting.

Waiting for moments like today.
When I picked the monster up she tells me,
"Hi Mommy, I see plane.  Two plane"*

As she pointed up in the sky,
and there were indeed two planes.

That was so worth the wait.

*She refuses to call a plane a plane.
It is a Tee.  If you correct her she corrects you back.

Plane Eva...
No, Tee Mommy TEE!
Okay Tee then.

and then, she {snapped}


Jodi said...

such a adorable set up pictures :)

Beard said...

The return on effort is low the younger the kid. As they get older, they start dishing out more and more love to mom and dad. Hang in there, it becomes greater day by day!

Heidi said...

I've had a horrible day, Nessa. This post helped make it better. Thank you, friend.

Ferdinand said...

Nice post. Your photos showed how much are you happy parenting, better yet spending precious moments with your child.
Unfortunately for me, this are the moments that I cannot bring back 'coz I need to work far away from my children to provide for their needs.
Take care of your family. God bless.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

first of all, i love that fourth photo. gold!

i'm glad you're getting to do something that you get to see immediate results. i totally get that! it feels so good to use other parts of our brain that once felt sharp but can easily feel neglected..... and dull. good news is, it's all still there - waiting for the opportunities that we find. yay, you've found one. :)

grace said...

oh geez, i love these. especially the sunflare!! (:

Carol said...

Gorgeous photos...the sun flare is devine! Parenthood is exactly that...a lot of waiting around to find out you were successful at it...but at least there are small glimps of successes along the way!