Christmas Moments










Lights and tress.
Stockings full and presents wrapped.

The moster likes presents.
She loves unwrapping the best.
We weren't expecting her to be so good at it.

There were some hoorays for a train...
and she loved getting things out of the "socks".

It was great...
the best.

and then, she {snapped}


Adrienne said...

yeah, i miss it already...

rachel said...

Charlie was so good at unwrapping too, and didn't want to stop even when there were no more presents to unwrap!

Tanyia said...

adorable photos! I love the bow in the hair!

I am stopping by from Show Off Your Shot, would love to have you stop by my post:

Nikki said...

Looks like Harper and Eva have the same taste in toys. Harper loves her trains.

ArtyMarti said...

Looks like she is a natural born package opener. Great pictures.

Lyryn said...

I love the pictures! I also love your simple Christmas! I wanted to do that this year. Wrap in brown paper... but I ended up just using up paper from last year by folding it inside out. It was good to get rid of it all. So glad you had a great Christmas! xoxo

misc.alaina said...

Looks like a magical Christmas morning!!

Rici Reid said...

Teagan got that same puzzle AND a Thomas set!! We've got two little peas in a pod, don't we!?

Carol said...

This reminds me that I didn't get one photo of Chloe with a bow on her head...I almost always do that. I'm so happy your had a wonderful holiday!