Monster Version 1.11


One year and eleven months.

This one creeped up on me monster.
We have been spending the last few days with your daddy.
He has finally been home and we have been soaking it up.

Christmas few by...
and here we are...
one month from your second birthday.

You are Awesome.
And full of surprises.

You now love hats,
you love to sing,
and you love to dance.

You always have an opinion.
Sometimes if it disagrees with ours...
screaming and kicking come next.

If you are particularly tired or hungry...
we can expect a full out body flailing.

I am not sure if we are crazy...
but we have a hard time not laughing about it.

And you are so loving.
Hugs and kisses all around.

Really shy in a room full of people.
Just for 20 minutes or so....
then everyone is your friend.

You love cheese.
More cheese please...
all day long.

Growing like crazy.
Taller by the day.

Talking up a storm...
phrases and sentences.
Sometimes I wonder where you get them from.

"I hold you."
That is a great one.

You say this when ever you want held...
or sometimes to get out of your high chair.
We are suckers for that line.

We are pretty much huge suckers for anything you do.
We love it all.


And thanks Rici and Teagan for the awesome monster hat.
It is our favorite.


Carissa Marie said...

No lie, I want a monster hat like that.

P.S. Hoping you felt well enough to enjoy Christmas with your family!

Adeena said...

"I hold you." *melt*

Love the hat. :)

Melissa said...

My son says 'I hold you' too. I love it. :)

Melanie said...

Be still my heart... I hold you! Ahhh man, what a cutie! She is still the title holder of the cutest hat girl!

Glad you had such a wondeful X-mas Nessa! Xo

Rici Reid said...

Target ladies, Target (for the hat. We love us some Target!
So glad Eva Monster loves it! She looks a step above adorable!! Love you guys!

Adrienne said...

Such a great collection of thoughts as she's growing. I love that last photo ~ you're so great at getting 'unposed' shots of her...just capturing her as she toddles along, that we don't see that full on smile shot much. She melts my heart, and I can't even hear her!!

Nikki said...

We had fun seeing you guys, but not nearly enough time to chat. We definitely need to do dinner soon.

Branson said...

Oh my goodness! How absolutely adorable!!!

Sew.What. said...

That is one of the best pictures of Monster in a Monster hat ever! She is just soo darn adorable!

rachel said...

I just love their little (big!) vocabularies at this age. So precious. ANd fun! Happy almost two years, Eva!

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

i could have written this exact post for Levi. :) except for the sentences part. he has a million words, but is still working on stringing them together... well, in a way that makes sense to us at least. :)

Amanda said...


Carol said...

Nessa! These photos are stunning, my friend. The clarity and contrast are awesome! What a sweet little monster...my littles used to say "I hold you" too. How precious and fleeting these times are.