In a name

Written November 8, 2011

Dear Deedle,

Deedle was your sister's name.
Her name as she grew from being microscopic to 7 pounds of joy.

It no longer fits her...
for she quickly grew into being our monster.

Deedle always belonged to the excitement of the unknown.
The little creature that we had in our lives growing day-by-day, 
but still felt like we hadn't been properly introduced.

It is our baby growing name.
Your name until we get to meet on the outside.
It served you big sister well.


That would describe you now little one...
and think the monster would want to pass on her previous title.

So Deedle, hello.
Hang tight and grow.

Much love,
Your Mommy, Daddy and the Eva Monster.

Black and White Wednesdayand then, she {snapped}  


Heidi said...

Deedle! So happy for the introduction, and so happy to be coming along on your journey, little one. And zowie! look at sister jumping off stuff and acting all grown; mama's in for it. :)

Adrienne said...

So Deedle, hello.
hang tight, and grow.

little teary eyed over here...

Rici said...

We love you over here in NC already, Deedle!

Sheila said...

She's ready to run! Enjoy.

Stasha said...

Deedle is coming to town. How very exciting! Lovely photo of big sis to be.

Amanda said...

That's too cute. I love the idea of passing along a name like that. So exciting!

Patrice said...

Woo Hoo!

Melanie said...

Sending that precious little Deedle soooo much LOVE! Xo