Our Tree







Last night we finally made it to get our tree.

Michael's late nights and overnights,
plus my reluctance to leave the couch,
made us super late this year.

I guess that mean it stays up longer... right?
That is what I thought too.

Our normal go-to place only had 3 trees left...
and they were giant 9 foot tall bush-like trees.
That is how we ended up with a shrub-like tree last year. 
Wanna see...here you go.

So we headed to the giant blow-up Santa.
Eva had clapped when we drove by the other day and sang Ho Ho Ho.
That is all it takes to real us in folks... make our monster clap.

Thank you lady for taking our photo.
It was so sweet of you to offer.
Even while Eva was screaming and my camera was strange... you kept your cool.

Right after this, I headed to the car while Michael handled the purchase.
Eva and I talked about the giant Santa and sang Christmas songs...
with the heat on full blast.

We managed to get the lights on before bed time.
This morning, Tree tree tree! and a clapping monster.
This tree might not ever come down.

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SarahinSC said...

That first shot is absolutely precious!

Adrienne said...

ok, now i won't get irritated with tacky blow up decorations...i mean, if they make little kids clap, who am i to argue!

Anita Johnson said...

What a wonderful blog! I even went and looked at your tree/bush from last year...very funny! And it looks like Congratulations are due you too! How exciting. Merry Christmas to you!

em said...

Aw...how sweet! I don't think our son has noticed our tree yet :)

Noe said...

Aw.. you look so happy! cute pic taken by tha Lady.
Hoping to see that tree fully decorated.

Kelly said...

One year I didn't get our tree up until Dec. 14th so I felt fully justified in leaving it up until February....yeah. That happened hahaha

Melanie said...

These are classic & beautiful Nessa!

Hahaaa... we are putting up our tree tonight! I've never been this late)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

love the pictures!!! better late than never. : ) glad your home is complete with tree now.

Faith Raider said...

that's awesome!! I love that you got a photo - even if it was crazy :)
Thanks so linking up with my photography challenge!

Erin Wallace said...

The first shot is wonderful! Thank you for your condolences. I really do appreciate it.

Tamar SB said...

What a fun memory! Love the pics, happy holidays!