Mr. Turtle lives at Eva's Great-Grandmas house.
This little guys is all plastic.

The Eva-monster loves playing with Mr.  Turtle...
but he had an accident the last time they played.

Oh no, turtle!
Oh no!  Help! Help it!

Nothing daddy, some super glue, and duct tape splinting couldn't fix.
Five minutes of drying time and a little missing skin from her daddy's finger...
all was good as new.

If those were the only thing you ever needed to make all that is wrong, right.
Just a little duct tape and super glue...
wouldn't that be wonderful.

Black and White Wednesday
and then, she {snapped}

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Songbook said...

Love this thought. Very melancholy.

Marti said...

Duct tape, super glue, and a wire coat hanger--does any one even have those any more? Thats what we used to fix anything.

Em S said...

That would be wonderful...wouldn't it?!

Adrienne said...

Long, long talk with my 21 year old last night. Called him on my way home from work, sat in the car and talked for another half an hour once I was home. He's wrestling with 'life' and himself in ways that are new and uncomfortable for him...it was, what I like to call, a magic wand moment. There are those times, as a mommy, I just want to be able to take their pain away instead of watching them walk through it... But since the whole magic wand thing isn't too liekly, I'd settle for being able to fix it with super glue and duct tape!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I love it! Some days we could use a little super glue and duct tape. ;)

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Kelly said...

Poor turtle :( sometimes we all need a little duct tape!

Heidi said...

Yes, for sure. I know how to use super glue and duct tape. I could really get life stuff done.