Cloth Diapers for Beginners by a Beginner - Part 3

(Part 1 and Part 2)

The extras...


Aside from the diapers, here are the other things I use and love.

Charlie's Soap
This soap was the second I tried.
I first tried Rockin Green and liked it but it had a pretty strong smell.
Then I tried Charlie's - mainly because a store down the road sold it and it was safe.
It is awesome.
It makes clothes just smell clean.
It gets out wicked stains - fruit punch from a white quilt - for example.
I have used it as a pre-soak/stain treatment on regular laundry.
I like it so well that when our normal detergent is out, I am switching to using all the time.
I use a half of the tiny scoop for a load of diapers, and a full scoop for regular laundry loads.
You can find Charlie's Soap here.

Baby Bum Drops
I figured that since I was using cloth diapers, I would try cloth wipes.
I found these drops that you dissolve in water.
You can fill a wipes container and have them pre-moistened...
but I have found it easy just to use a spray bottle.
I spay the cloth wipe or directly onto Eva if I want her to giggle.
I carry a tiny travel spray bottle in the diaper bag with some wipes.
I wash the wipes with the diapers.
You can find the Baby Bum Drops here.

I made cloth wipes from thrifted flannel receiving blankets.
I cut them with pinking shears and then put a quick zig-zag stitch around the edges.
There are plenty of wipes out there you can buy too.
We still use some regular disposable diaper wipes...
Michael isn't a fan of the cloth ones...
 and when we are out and about with ice cream faces and stick hands...
the regular diaper wipes are still really handy.

GroVia Magic Stick
Eva is a rashy baby.
Her skin turns red in an instant.
Although, cloth diapers have solved so many of our rash problems...
she still will get a little red sometimes.
Especially after eating fruits.
This diaper stick was the only one that I tried since going to cloth.
It has worked great and lasted a long time.
It has a herbal fragrance that I like, but it is different.
 I love the application.
Cap off, swipe it on the bum and cap back on.  No messy mom/dad hands.
You can find the GroVia Magic Stick here.

Wet Bags
I have three.
We don't use a pail for our diapers, just because it takes up room we don't have.
I use one bag at home, one in the diaper bag and then one back-up for washing.
I already had a Planet Wise wet bag from my baby shower.
I received a GroVia Wet Bag as a free gift when ordering my first round of diapers.
I like both, but I bought a second GroVia bag when I decided it would be good to have a back-up.
The Planet Wise has a zipper, where the GroVia is a drawstring.
The GroVia was cheaper and that is was the decision maker when I decided to pick up a third.
You can find the Planet Wise Bag here and the GroVia Bag here.

Diaper Sprayer
This is a sprayer that attaches to the side of your toilet.
It makes spraying off dirty diapers easy-peasy.
I installed it myself in 10 minutes with normal tools.
I have used it to spray out Eva's potty chair.
I used it the other day when cleaning the toilet.
I have read that it works great for moms during post delivery care also.
It hangs on the side of our toilet, and most people never know it is there.
You can find the one I bought here.

The BIG Disclaimer...
I am still really new at this.
I know no one in my real life that used cloth diapers.

I have never used cloth diapers on a newborn...
although I will in a few months.

But, I just figured that I would share what we are doing.

First of all, because I was so overwhelmed with all the choices out there.
SO many people on the internet used SO many different things.
There are AIO's, Hybrids, Pre-folds, Wool...
it goes on and on.

When I read about someone online...
it seemed like they had a HUGE stash of so many different diapers.
They like this kind for this reason and that kind for that another.

I realize how it happens now.
They used what they were given, what they bought, and what they found for a great deal.
Some of the diaper sites give you a free insert or diaper when you spend so much.
Before long you have a one of these and one of those.

Secondly, I hadn't found anyone online that was starting out with an older baby.
Most people started out registering when they were pregnant.
They received a mix from people as gifts and decided on what worked for them early on.

The best advice I can give anyone really wanting to try cloth...
and is paralyzed with starting like I was...

Buy a few and use them with what you regularly use right now.
You don't have to go 100% cloth starting tomorrow.

Also, read the diapers instructions carefully...
before you buy and after.
Silly me.

Aside from the detergent to wash them...
you don't need anything special just to try a few.

Use a ziplock as a wet bag if you don't have one.
Use them on a day your are home so you don't have to worry about being out and about.
Find a store that sells a selection of diapers and take a look.

We have a store near us and I didn't go...
until after I made my first big purchase.
The people working there were so knowledgeable and I could have learned a lot.

You could end up hating the diapers I like.
You could know someone that uses something great.
You could try cloth and hate them all together.

But if you are curious...
just give a shot.

Here are some places that I read just to get an idea of what there is...
Diaper Junction
Simple Mom
The Nurtured Family

In Part 4...
I am going to share the money part of cloth diapering.

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Anonymous said...

I too am new to the CD world (well I guess I'm a year into it now) & I too did not know anyone personally (in "real life") that CD'd. Thanks for sharing all your CD ins & outs. It's great to learn what works for others. I have soft water & my biggest challenge was figuring out the right detergent. Exclusive use of Lulu's in the Fluff (for clothing & diapers) & wool dryer balls have been my saving grace in the CD world. Also, I too tried Rockin' Green Soft Rock & tried to work with the RG staff to try to master the soft water issue, but in the end I had to call it quits with that brand. I have been using one-size FBs since my baby was two weeks old & they've worked like a charm for me... good luck with your second round of CDs in a few months! :) :)

momto8 said...

good for you!! you found what works for your and your family!!

Adrienne said...

I'm...more than impressed. This sounds like something my daughter would like to try for all the environmental and cost positives... but she's not the neatest/most organized person I've ever met, so it kind of overwhelms me for her. And I never even thought of trying - not sure the option was there like it is now...so, it's great to have a point of reference ~ both as a place to send her and for myself if she needs help. Though I think we're a few years away from this!

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

i love this post. (and your other ones, though i didn't comment.) love reading others CD experiences. thanks for the magic stick tip. i'm interested in checking that out. sounds amazing. ta! :)