It seems like trees have bloomed overnight.
Seriously, our neighbors tree did just that...
went to bed and it was just buds and woke up to it being covered in flowers.

The weather has cooled...
closer to beginning of Spring weather instead of 80° that we had last week.
But I still painted my toe nails and wore my Teva's.
Even if I also had to wear a scarf today.

I was rocking Eva the other day and she started pushing on my belly.
Move Baby, Move.
Pushing it one way and then the other.
I told her it would be there for a while...

Michael is on vacation right now.
It is lovely... so lovely I might not let him go back.
Eva would help me keep him here.

We don't have big plans.
Just some small home maintenance things and hanging out.
We have our anniversary to celebrate too.

I am looking forward to this week a lot.

and then, she {snapped}  bits of splendor monday
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tinajo said...

That looks amazing, I love the first flowers (and leaves) on the trees! Hope you´ll get a great week together!

Adrienne said...

few things as lovely as a relaxed 'staycation'

Kelly said...

i so love when my husband is on vacation. enjoy it!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

that tree is stunning. quite a sight to wake up to!

Anonymous said...

stopping by from carissa's...sometimes those staycations are the best..really relaxing and bonding :) love your photos!

Clairejustine said...

Looks like a great week.Love your photos :)

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Move Baby Move! So cute. The best times are just spent doing nothing but being with the ones you love. Happy Anniversary! I'd totally not let Michael go back if I were you either.