Cupcakes, cookies and teeth


Eva calls them birthday cakes... and she is a huge fan.

She also requests the Happy Birthday Song by saying...
Sing Birthday Cake!
Michael and I sang the Happy Birthday song at dinner last night no less than 8 times.


So when I broke the tooth Friday...
I was really thinking quick fix.

So, here is my confession.
Last time I had been to the dentist was right before I became pregnant with Eva.
Yeah - I know - 3 years.

Pregnancy, nursing the Eva-monster.
Second pregnancy with enormous amounts of vomiting.
Neglecting the dentist...
equals bad situation in the mouth.

So, I need 2 root canals.
I also need a host of other treatments.
A few minor cavities and some enamel erosion.

So, mommies out there.
I know you are super busy...

We make excuses.
I hate the dentist too.
But get to the dentist.

Make it a priority.
You are worth the time and so is your healthy smile.

Great news is that I love my new dentist!
Good thing because we are going to be seeing a lot of each other for a while.


24 weeks along with Deedle.
Kicking and a bumping along.

I look pregnant now. 
When I hug Michael - my belly touches first.

We have a lot of friends with babies on the way too.
There are some first timers and even a lot of second babies on the way.
Deedle is going to have lots of playmates.


Girl Scout cookies...

You make me warm and fuzzy when I buy you.
Helping out the girls... 
it feels like charity.

Then I can't stop eating you.
I had half a box of cookies last night.
And now my supply is getting low.


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Elaine A. said...

Oh gosh, I love cupcakes that much too.

Love those curls and her sweet face! :)

Adeena P said...

Yikes. Good thing you like your dentist! ;) I've got to schedule our next appt, too.

I've never tried Girl Scout cookies.. maybe that's a good thing. ;)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh what a sweet shot- I feel like that after a little bit of sugar too

Nikki said...

Girl scout cookies are the best. They push me to run that extra bit so I can eat them.

Rachel said...

Only three years without seeing a dentist? Um I've been...um...longer than that...(insert embarrassed face here). Now I'm really nervous to go too cause who knows what they'll say I need done!

Heather said...

How cute is she, Such a sweet photo.

Mahina and Lucas said...

She looks so happy and content with the cupcake that she just ate!

misc.alaina said...

Super cute photo! I have also avoided the dentist for several years, and now I am afraid to go for fear of what the Dentist will tell me - haha!

msdewberry said...

My goodness she looks like she is so happy to have conquered the cupcake! She is a cutie!
I did the same thing after my first pregnancy. It took a few dentist trips to fix those problems. Good luck!!

Donna said...

Crumby smiles are just so cute.

momto8 said...

birthday cakes are a fun way to live life!!
And I absolutely hate the dentist too...and make all kinds if excuses not to go...but I make my kids go every 6 months...good luck!!

Courtney K. said...

Who doesn't love a fabulous cupcake?! Or a box of Girl Scout cookies....yummy. Now I'm hungry....