Monster : 2.25

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2 and 1/4.

Today we went to a fundraiser with your Grammy.
Raising money for a nature preserve and wildlife rescue center.

There were bands playing bluegrass and folk music.
You love the fiddle, but kept calling it a violin.

And you danced...
It looked like you were trying to two-step.
It was making all kinds of people giggle and smile.

You ate 3 pieces of pie.
You loved every bite.

These days have been some of the best and some of the hardest monster.
For you, but mostly for me.

You are seriously my favorite person to hang out with.
Laughing, talking and imagining.

Reading your favorite stories to me and getting them (almost) right.
Singing songs and adding new verses all your own.

Then there is the sleeping...
still rocky.

Tonight it was over two hours.
A lot of mommy guilt and a few unsuccessful attempts to rock you again...
hoping to calm you, but you still screamed as I closed the door.

Amazing, that mommy guilt.
Letting you cry and going back into your room and rocking you again and again.
Both things make me feel guilty.

And yet when I let you eat 3 pieces of pie for lunch...
I just smile and take photos of your sticky face.

Some people are sure that you know the new baby is on the way.
Maybe they are right, and you do know...
at least know that something is changing.

I know things are going to be different...
but still the same.

The same monster, with the same parents that adore you.
And we are both handing out extra hugs and kisses.
For your benefit as well as our own.

And I would be lying if I said that I wasn't soaking up the extra rocks and songs tonight.
Just knowing that one day I won't rock you before bed...
I buried my nose in your hair, and tried best as I could to burn it in my memory.

Love you to pieces.

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The Millers said...

What an adorable little thing! Such a lovely post. She will love to read this when she is a bit older. You have such an adorable blog. Xo

Olivia Grace said...

This photo is just TOO precious!! And what a beautiful post! Hold onto those moments and live them completely, what a blessing they truly are!

Kel said...

Here from Simple Things Sunday.
I couldn't resist a smile when that sweet face popped up on my screen. Very nicely captured photos and lovely documentation. It'll be a treasure.

Melanie said...

Uggg! That last part made me tear up. Such sweet words. Monster is going to adore these words from her mama.

The picture, that smile, amazing.
Nessa, she looks JUST like you!

Melanie said...

P/S Hey lady, I would LOVE for you to join our photo challenge! LOVE.


Anonymous said...

The photos are beautiful, but the words you wrote for your daughter brought tears to my eyes. What a special gift you are giving to her!

Seeing Each Day said...

Love the energy and happiness in your daughter's eyes in the first photo. And as a side comment, you dress her so sweetly, like this pink checked shirt for example looks adorable on her, or she in it ?! As always I enjoyed reading of your thoughts and messages to miss monster. Hoping that your health and other little person is going well.

Kara @ June & Bear said...

bear is almost 3 and still doesn't consistently sleep through the night, but he's better able to soothe himself after i go in to tell him he's alright. hang in there. love the pure joy on her face in that photo!

Adeena said...

It happens so quickly. One minute, you're rocking them to sleep.. and the next, they're grouchy teenagers.

Love her grin. :)

CurvyEveryday said...

You're killing me...in a good way. This one made me tear up momma. Your kids are going to be so thankful to have this wonderful journal of their lives. You and Heidi I'm so jealous.

rebecca said...

way too cute Nessa and that pie, oh my goodness...looks delicious! :)