My better half...

Michael is my better half...

He is calm and relaxed.
Spontaneous and carefree.
Always ready to make someone smile or laugh.

He balances out my keyed up nature.
My planning and list-making.
My seriousness and worry.

Michael really is my better half...


The other night I wanted to throw something at his head.
And not a pillow, something large and heavy.

The fact that we were in bed and I had nothing near me...
saved him.

You see, he is not always himself when tired.
And in the middle of the night, when Eva-monster was yelling for an hour straight...
I though he had lost his mind.

He rushed out of bed as soon as she started crying.
At first I thought he was coming to sit-up with me...

He headed straight for the bedroom door.

When I asked him what he was doing - reminded him of our plan.
He stopped and rubbed his head.
Then he it looked like he was pouting.

Then he snapped - I am thirsty, okay?!
I swear he stopped his foot.

He huffed and puffed back into bed...
grabbed his cell phone, put it on white noise...
and put it on his head.

Yep - he laid there with his cell phone on his head.
Grumbling and pouting...
Big sighs.

I had been sitting up, crying a little.
Pregnancy emotions combined with your baby girl screaming that she wants you...

Okay, so I was crying quite a bit.
It had been about 30 minutes and she was still crying.

Again he sits up, growls and says...
She isn't even crying... she is just whining. Jeeze!
Then he stomped back out of bed.

I stopped him again.
It has been over an hour - come on!
More foot stomping.

Then he turns on our big floor fan.
I am too hot!!
Stomp stomp stomp.

Back into bed and phone back on top of his head.
I tried to push him out of the bed.
I might have called him a two-year old and a jerk - a few times.

And then, just like that he was asleep.
I was furious.
How could he sleep!?!?

I might have kept pushing him.
My foot may have had a spasm...
 and kicked his comfy curled-up feet a few times.

I stole his pillow and threw it on the floor.
He still slept.

Finally, Eva did too.
And then I did, finally, around 4 a.m.

The only good thing...
I was so mad at him - it took my mind off being so upset about Eva crying.

The next morning, I told him about how he acted.
He thought I was kidding.
Then he apologized....

And laughed at how ridiculous he was...
apologized again and said I needed to write it down.

So here it is...
My better half being a sleep walking, foot stomping, two-year old.
And very lucky to not have a big bruise somewhere.


allenaim photography and design said...

I have NEVER had a night like that. Ok - maybe a few...and I learned then what they mean by "if looks could kill". Of course Alex was asleep so the looks didn't do much damage but OH was I giving him dagger looks....and maybe I didn't worry about stealing the blankets...and all the pillows those nights...the battlefield of the bed...

Carri said...

that is hilarious- I can totally picture him stopping around all dramatic!

Adrienne said...

The first part, about the differences, describes us too...and I am so grateful for that carefree nature of my husbands and his sense of humor which he has, thank goodness, passed on to our kids. That said, I can only think of ONE TIME that he ever woke up in the night with kid stuff. And he would so not remember it if he ever did anyway. Until about 6 or 7 years ago, I was his alarm clock in the morning...along with the two kiddos! This is very funny ... sorry for it not being funny for you at 3am....

misc.alaina said...

My husband and I are the opposite of you guys - I am the laid back one and Matt is high strung. Love that you documented this because it is real and even the best of us have moments like that!!

Lish said...

Bahahah..oh no!Ok, honestly...I have done that too...and yes, Mike has as well...the funny thing of it all is that you don't even remember cause your so darn tired...thanks fo sharing!!!

Adeena said...

:D My hubby can sleep through baby cries, too. Until they are 1½. Then *I* sleep through it, and he hears them!! No lie. The weirdest thing.

Carol said...

Ha! And good preparation for what is to come! He is indeed a good man, Nessa!