Seed start.jpg

Clearanced seed starter tray.
Leftover basil and squash seeds from last year...
 that I was really hoping weren't too old.

A bunch of heirloom seeds I attempted to harvest and dry.
Some from our tomatoes plants last year...
and some from the tastiest tomatoes from the farmers market.

$2 and some hope.
As of this morning... we have tiny sprouts.
Tired but giggling.

And thanks for all the encouraging words on this post guys...
felt like a hug this morning.

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Week 16 of 52: Things that grow.


Melanie said...

I'm such a dork, but I have a thing for seeds. Lol) They are just so darn cute (to me). Probably should have kept that to myself)

Great angle!

aimymichelle said...


Mrs. T. said...

Those started seed kits are great! I had very good success last year from planting using them. I love growing things from seeds and I think they last longer than larger plants that are moved into a garden. It kind of lets them acclimate to a new place more easily.

Good luck! Great interpretation of the photo.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Way to go different on something about plants :)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

My husband and I spent about $150 on seeds and a few plants for the garden this year. My guess is that you'll be harvesting 10-20 times what we do.