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Monster, it has been a rough week...
and I am not sure what is going on.

All of the sudden you don't want to leave my side.
If even leave the room, you shout and cry for me.

I went to leave you at the MOPS nursery Tuesday.
You usually love to go "play" and wave bye to me when I leave.
Not a chance.

Holding your breath and screaming mommy please no!
It was so bad.
I just called it a day and went home.

When we came home, you had the worst tantrum I have ever seen.
It lasted two hours.
You wanted held, but then I would reach for you and you scream louder.

It was two hours of screaming, crying and even hitting yourself.
Finally, you let me carry you and lay you down for a nap.

Today, you had a similar melt down when I tried to leave you with Grammy and Poppy.
Their house is usually your very favorite and you ask to go.
Not today.

You left claw marks on my arm when Grammy helped peal you off me.
I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to stay at work, but you calmed down finally.

Bedtime has even been disaster.
Last night you cried for me almost every two hours.
At 10, 12, 2 and 4.

Tonight, it has started again.
Mommy please, mommy please.
Talk about breaking a mommy's heart.

Monster, I am not sure what is wrong...
but I hope we figure it out.

Week 16 of 52


Stephanie said...

Oh man, I feel for you. In December and January Avery went through a clingy phase, and her preschool teachers would have to literally take her and rock her to get her to calm down when I left her at school. And this week Avery has been a little terror, but I know it's because she misses her daddy, who had to go back to work this week. These phases are so hard, but somehow we always make it through. : )

Amy said...

i have had the worst 3 days with my own temper tantrumer too! it seems that he's perfected the art of screaming, kicking and throwing himself on the ground in a sobby, sweaty mess over the dumbest but apparently most dreadful things. my neighbor came over yesterday to make sure we were okay.

i've been absolutely lost in his madness.

if you feel lost too, know that you are not alone. walk away, take a breath, and find comfort in the fact that you are a great, worthy and loving mom. even when you want to rip your hair out. :)

Melanie said...

Is there something in the water? I feel ya friend. Jax is usually a very easy going, happy, semi-independent boy... we are on like MAJOR melt down #5 today. The latest one was because we rented Dumbo on Net Flix... & he wasn't feeln it! We're talking the gasping for air bawling!

Hang in there mama... pretty sure it's just called the life of a toddler. It will pass!

CurvyEveryday said...

Oh I remember going through the same thing when I was sometime into my 3rd trimester.I remember sleeping on the floor in her room. It was tough. Even though they are little they In way know that someone else is coming. I started a star chart at that time for everything she got a star, eating, brushing teeth, going to bed and at the end of the week she got a special treat and a girls day. We seemed to get past it in two weeks and she forgot about the chart. She acted up again when the baby came but it passes. Poor little things. I can say that now ; )

tinajo said...

Poor little thing - all these different stages they have to go through! I think they are just as confused as we are and that´s most likely scary, luckily they get through them one by one.

Em S said...

Wow...hopefully this phase passes quickly...good luck until then.

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

kids are hard to figure out. but eventually you do figure out the problem or they just stop doing it. they are constantly changing and suprising us!

Meredith said...

Oh man Nessa, I feel you. I had several weeks of days like that a month or so ago, and they are just the worst. No advice, just wanted to say you're not alone!

Mahina and Lucas said...

Ohh no! Poor you and your little girl. Ke'alohi is starting to understand her surroundings and doesn't like anything or anyone except mommy and daddy.

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry N :/ hopefully it's just a bad week and things will be back to normal soon. Hang in there xoxo

Sandra Kohlmann said...

What a bummer. I hope things get better soon and that this is just a short phase. Don't feel bad about yourself, because of this. I think it's pretty normal. My girls hit themselves all the time, during tantrums.