Home day

Coffee Pot web.jpg
Brewing coffee.

laundry web.jpg
Early laundry to beat the rain.

calendar web.jpg
Updated calendar.

Eva napping web.jpg
Awake monster... "napping"

Eva reading web.psd
Reading a bit before breakfast.

 Eva sipping coffee web.jpg
Eva drinks her "coffee" too.

list web.jpg
Adding and marking off my big to-do list.

peanutbutter web.jpg

started plants web.jpg
Water the baby garden.

belly web.jpg
Deedle wakes up when Eva naps.

sun tea web.jpg
Sun tea brewing.

choco pretzel web_edited-1.psd
Trying not to turn on the air, it is suppose to rain.

bed made web.jpg
Laundry off the line, inside and bed made just in time for the thunder.

fan web.jpg
A bit dizzy, so I lay down for a minute and enjoy the storm.

closet web.jpg
Clean closet and something to check off my list.

eva reading web.jpg
Reading and watching the rain while mommy does more laundry.

thermastat web.jpg
A little snack as I get dinner ready.

Once a week I do my best to schedule a "home day"...
no errands, play dates, work, meetings, trips or commitments.

I like to aim for Monday.
Just because the weekends can be so hectic... 
and it gets the week started on the right foot for me.

It is so easy to run around all the time.
Have something planned every single day.
Race around and slide in right before dinner time.

But we don't read as many books.
I don't get as many snuggles.
And my list never gets shorter that way.

On "home day" I can clean and play.
Hang up a laundry and collect dandelions.
So I say no and stay in.

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Elena said...

The Home day is a great idea. I love all of your shots especially the one of her having her coffee too ;o)

tinajo said...

Sounds wise - and it's nice to see your day like this! :-)

Carissa said...

We do the same exact thing on the same exact day. Having home days on Mondays really gives the week a fantastic start, even if it's one of the few (or only) days some things get checked off the to do list...

P.S. I've been enjoying all your posts lately. Your consistency even with the pregnancy and Eva are inspiring :)

Kara @ June & Bear said...

sometimes i'm grateful for rain because i know we can just be happy at home for awhile. love your photos!

Kellie said...

We had a home day today too! Playroom is officially ready for an Eva visit! Only some decorating left to do......

rachel said...

oh, I LOVE at home days too. they can be so rewarding...

Jenilee said...

I love home days... so peaceful and so precious!

Kris @ beyond the whiskers said...

Your calendar looks ridiculously organized. Eva is absolute adorable, especially with her “coffee”. And I must say, your home day sounds like heaven – even if it never goes as planned.

Randalin. said...

I'm totally digging the hot pink coffee maker :)

Kelly-Marie said...

Oh My Gosh I frickin love her and her little cup of coffee!!

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

I love this post so much Nessa. What a great capture of "moments and impressions" - images and commentary from the day. I've been meaning to do something along these lines for a while now. You've inspired me to make it happen! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea! I will have to do this one day!!