So we went to dinner tonight.
Great food.

Heading out, I made a quick run to the ladies' room.
I am always making a quick run there these days.

It is all the way around the restaurant...
past the bar and through another room of tables.

I pass a birthday party.
Say hi to a little boy who waves.

Hurry it up in the bathroom...
and I am out in a flash.

This time the little boy shows me his toy.
More people are arriving at the birthday party, so I get stuck.
With my belly, I have to turn and twist to make it through all the tables.

Finally make it to the bar.
The bartender, who has visited our table on the patio throughout dinner, stops me.
She noticed my belly, now that I wasn't sitting down.

We are chatting.
She is a few months pregnant.
Really excited and has her first ultrasound tomorrow.

Then a lady comes up behind me and tugs my skirt from behind.
Oh honey... it was all tucked up in your undies.
A big breeze I didn't realize was there, disappears.

I turn around...
and so does the entire birthday party and the other tables of people.
Well all except the little boy - he waved.

I thought my face might explode from blushing.
Thank you nice lady.
At least I didn't make it to the parking lot.

 Black and White Wednesday  and then, she {snapped} 


rachel said...

oh my gosh. you are having quite the week, aren't you?! love that shot though!

Heidi said...

I love you Nessa.

Adrienne said...

oh me oh my...bless your heart! Let's always be that lady that tugs on the skirt from behind, shall we?

CurvyEveryday said...

can i just say why the hell was that one lady the only one who said anything. Hopefully you had cute undies on.

Melanie said...

Oh no! Been there done that mama! I feel for ya. After this week it will be smooth sailing.. right? RIGHT!

LOVE your adorable belly pic.)

Thank you SO much for the wonderful shooting in manual advice. You are the one that truly helped me to have it all start to click! Thanks mama!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

oh my....

Desirae R said...

Oh my how embarrassing! But a great story. :)

Tanya said...

oh no, how embarrassing!! cool shot though and you have a funny story to remember forever lol

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

it somehow seems better that this happened while you are pregnant. maybe you can blame the baby brain!

Em S said...

awww...at least somebody came and helped you!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness...I know it was probably so embarrassing, but it's pretty funny!

Kelly-Marie said...

Oh no I am always so paranoid about that happening to me, did you have big pregnancy pants on because then atleast they couldn't see much of your bum! .. Loving the baby bump hun and thank you for linking up, can't wait to see baby x x

New End Studio said...

I have a similar third grade memory, cheers to the lady who got up and helped you!

Thanks for stopping at my blog and sharing about the drill. Why didn't I know power tools could be so much fun?!

Nicolette said...

Hooray for the lady you helped you out! Love the belly pic :)