Mother's Day Blog Piracy

I have waited for some time to post to your blog without your knowledge.
Today is the day.

And what a day!
To post before your blogger world Eva's and my Mother's Day thoughts for you.

Your blog tells the story of our lives together.
But it doesn't quite get the whole picture.
Our life seems great on the blog.
But it misses the key which makes our life come together
and seem as if it is a fairy tale.

You spend so much time typing and writing about Eva and Me (and Deedle too!)
But the thread that binds the family together is you.

Without your tireless effort to literally be everything and do everything for this family- 
Where would we be?

Without your endless self sacrificing- 
How would we have raised such a beautiful girl and created our family?

I know I have said this before but it is worth repeating.

You rocked at your job.
High school graduate-working on a college degree
Climbing to the very top of a male dominated industry.

Making every doubter eat their words.
When we found out we had a baby girl- I thought-
How could I ask for a better example of a beautiful, strong, and driven woman for my daughter than you?

Then the very same person that I was to hold you up before, as an example, became your undoing.
The thought of her needing you and you not being able to be there drove you to the edge.
The years of hard work to climb to the top, the salary, the benefits- it all meant nothing.

I, though supportive of your wishes, worried that you would not find satisfaction in the world of housewives.

I have seen two years go by of our little girl's life and have gotten to witness the most beautiful example Eva could ever want or need of a beautiful, strong, and driven woman.
Showing Eva the most important example in life which is seeking out that which makes us happy, that which makes us complete
The same characteristics which drove your to the top of your company are the same characteristics that make you the most incredible mother that has ever lived.

And I know alot of kids are saying sweet things to their mothers today- but Nessa, my dear, sweet, love of my life Nessa- all the other kids don't have half of what Eva (and soon Deedle) has.

Coming home everyday from work to see you taking care of us, with Eva so smart and happy from a day full of enrichment and love, fills my soul with such love and happiness and thankfulness.

I will never be able to repay you for all you do.

But the mark of a truly great mother is that there is no repayment beyond the  simple joy of seeing this...

Thank you so much, 

We love you- Michael, Eva, and Deedle


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!

Happy Mother's day!

Heidi said...

Oh, this is the best.

from mel said...

Oh, stop. Totally choked up over here.

So good!

Adrienne said...

wow...what a gift this is!
Happy Mother's Day, Nessa!

Melanie said...

(tear, tear... TEAR. Happy tear!)


Happy Mommy's Day Nessa! XO.

Nessa Bixler said...

You are wonderful Michael and I am very lucky. Glad Eva is napping... she hates when I cry. Love you.

Randalin. said...

Amazing. So sweet and thoughtful.

Nikki said...

Such a beautiful gift! happy Mother's Day!

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Cheese and crackers! I'm bawling!!!! That was wonderfully sweet, and true, so true. Nessa you are a wonderful Mommy and a shining example of a beautiful human being. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Happy Mother's Day, I shall now go get some tissue and attempt to stop blubbering.:)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Seriously! So many tears. This is beautiful and magical. Every parent should be so lucky as to have a supportive, caring and loving partner, which the two of you have in each other! Happy Mother's Day!

rachel said...

Dude. That is hot. A fabulous post.

amy said...

Oh WOW. wow wow wow. You are one lucky woman Nessa. What a wonderful hubby you have!!

Lish said...

Tears. So sweet :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and if it was anything like this post, you one lucky lady :)

Olivia Grace said...

I am crying!!! What greater gift could a wife ask for?!!

misc.alaina said...

This post is just beautiful! Such an amazing family you have and such a lucky momma you are, Nessa!!

Amy said...

i can't even breathe because my throat is so tight. what a wonderful, lovely, special post. thanks so much for sharing this, michael.