Dear Deedle

eva and mommy.jpg

32 weeks Deedle.
Humming right along.
Well, humming sounds slow.
Feels more like racing.

You are so active.
Your punches and kicks have been really creeping people out. 
The guy at the grocery went pale when multiple body parts came jabbing out toward him.
I promised him you wouldn't be crawling out...
I don't think that helped.

You big sister is not a fan of my disappearing lap.
She told you the other day while I was holding her...
Move baby Deedle. Move.
As she pushed on my belly....
first one side and then the other.
Fair warning, I think she might be a little bit bossy.

She calls you baby Deedle.
Once you have a real name even, I think Deedle might be hard to shake.
It makes me grin every time she says it.

We are so excited to meet you.
Just a little bit longer.
Love you,


Kerri Servino said...

Can't believe how far along you are! I love deedle,but cant wait for a name!

grace said...

super adorable picture, and super adorable post.

tinajo said...

Sweet post and I love the nickname! :-)

CurvyEveryday said...

You look fantastic. I love the "Move baby deedle move".
She's so ready for the big sister role.

Em S said...


Kelly said...

It won't be long now! I think Deedle is a perfectly acceptable name for a new baby sibling :)