Sitting Still

Me Deedle web.jpg

Dear Deedle,

It was pouring rain and rumbling thunder outside.
Random bits of sunshine breaking though only made the storm a little louder.
Eva was sleeping and we were alone.

Instead of rushing around getting things done during nap time...
I sat still for a while.

Now that we are so close to the end, I realize how the memories fade.
I try to recall these last days with Eva and it is so fuzzy.
I had my eye on the prize, and my head was living in the future.

I have been catching myself back there again...
in that waiting place.
Only thinking about you in the future.
Getting to that amazing point where I am meeting you.

You gave us quite a jolt the other day.
Hours of contractions - one right after another.
Every 5 minutes, just like a little stop watch.

I will say, I was disappointed when it stopped.
I am so excited to meet you...
to see you meet your daddy and your sister.

But it did make me realize some things.
It will be here before I know it.
You will be here so soon.

And before then, before things are just right and ready...
I have a lot of things to hang onto.
Things to really enjoy and not rush through.

Little kicks and feeling body parts.
Snuggles with your sister and alone time with her.
Getting big grins and smiles when people see my belly.
Answering questions about when you are due - they can tell it is soon.
Bumping your daddy with my belly when we hug.

So, Deedle I am going to stop waiting as much.
Time is going faster than I realize.
The perfect time for you to be here is getting closer by the minute

But in the mean time...
I am going to do some more enjoying and memory making.
See you soon.

Love Mommy


Sandra Kohlmann said...

Between how cute you are and how beautifully you approach pregnancy, I swear you were made to be pregnant. With all the talk about contractions lately, I have been expecting to see a post saying you were headed to the hospital. This is even better, I think!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Glad you have found some ways to make the waiting easier.

Em S said...

AHHH. So soon!!! Enjoy it as much as possible!

tinajo said...

So sweet - you´ll meet soon! :-)

pve design said...

oh, how wonderful to open your heart and wait for love to come....in the form of a baby.
miracle waiting to happen.

Melanie said...

Oh the big wait! Can't wait for the big reveal. You look so great... even though your cute head is missing)lol. LOVE the color on you wall)

Meredith said...

This is a good reminder for me :) Admittedly, I just keep finding myself wishing a bit that I could fast-forward to November right now!

Amy said...

soon enough. soon enough. :)

Kelly said...

I read this earlier and just had tears. You write so beautifully and I love your observations on life. I am getting weepy even thinking about Deedle arriving hahaha I hope these last few moments are simply precious and you are able to remember them all before becoming a family of four oxox

Carol said...

So beautiful and so true! I'm glad you took the time to slow down and enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy.