The Undone

As I am sitting here in the early a.m. - contraction timing.
Pretty confident now, that these aren't going anywhere, at least not yet.
Michael and Eva are sleeping.
The house is quiet.
And is is officially Father's Day.

There is so much to say about Michael as a father.
He does so much, for all of us.

Then there are some things he doesn't do...
things that he skips, lets go of...
sacrifices that he makes.

Those things are harder to see.
Sometimes they can go unnoticed.
We notice.


Not getting a good nap after being on-call because Eva wants to play.
Not watching the baseball game, because your are walking to the park.
Not reading your articles for work, because "Going to the Zoo" is being read... for the 1000th time.
Not listening to the song you like, because another song makes Eva dance more.
Not sleeping in, because Eva loves having breakfast with you.
Not getting a guys weekend, because Deedle is making threats of arriving.
Not thinking twice about painting her nails when she asked - even though you had never done it before.
Then not thinking it was a huge deal when she was proudly showing them off to me, 
after I woke up from my nap.
Not going for a run until after Eva's bedtime - so you  don't miss any time with her.
Not realizing how great a dad you are, because you think you can always do better, and do more.

For all you do and don't do Michael....
From all three of us with lots of love.

H A P P Y   F A T H E R ' S   D A Y !


Adrienne said...

Such tenderness in these words. And I love the perspective - the things we don't do as parents as we put the babies first...out of love. As a choice! You are in my thoughts and prayers...can't wait to meet Deedle!

tinajo said...

Sounds like a really good dad - congrats to him! :-)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

It's quite evident that you, Eva and Deedle are three very lucky people. Happy Father's Day to Michael!

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy said...

Awww, a beautiful post. Its funny how a lot about being a parent is giving up things, but how you just don't seem to mind when it's for your children. So lovely. X

Lori said...

This is amazing! You are sooo right! It really is a lot of "not" doing. I love this.

Carol said...