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When your days are blocked off into 2 hour increments, time seems to go by faster.
I am always looking at what can happen in between feedings.

Since it takes Theodore 45 minutes most times to finish a complete meal...
adding in a diaper change and burp session.
It leaves me with maybe an hour to get things done.

He is staying awake more.
He has taken to screaming if you try and put him down.

I am remembering the art of one-handed cleaning...
Some meals and bathroom breaks are a juggling act.

I have learned the art of one-handed toddler wrangling.
Holding Theodore and Eva at the same time.
Nursing while reading stories or playing cars.

Eva thinks is is hilarious when he grumbles.
She thinks he is making funny faces at her.

When Theodore gets really mad and is full out wailing...
she gets upset and wants to fix it.

Today, that meant covering him with a half dozen stuffed animals while I made her lunch.
She gave him all her favorites...
and seemed exasperated that he didn't like them.

Well, I don't know... I don't know.
She repeated it over and over and took her toys back one by one.
Baffled as to why it didn't make him happy.

It was hilarious.


Erin said...

Oh those toddlers, think they can just solve everything by giving a toy! If only that worked :) Annie always tells Luke "you're okay, you're okay" and gets baffled when it doesn't work. So then she tells us that Luke needs a hug :)

Em S said...

Aww...it's amazing what you learn to do with one hand and only a handful of hours of sleep.

Meredith said...

I feel like you have just given me a glimpse into my immediate future :)

from mel said...

cutest story ever. you are a rockstar, mama!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love this! I have so many pictures of Bennett covered in trains as a newborn. Cullen was constantly bringing him things to play with. I think it is sweet the way they want to help right away!

Vanessa said...

Your daughter is so sweet! I love what she said when the toys didn't make him happy - too cute! My youngest is 13 months and I still find myself doing many things one handed. I totally can relate!