Whirlpool - Broken Washer

Broken... And I once loved you.

After living in our apartment for six months with a newborn/infant Eva-monster...
an apartment that did not have it's own washer and dryer...
where I had to go down to the basement to the coin operated laundry...

It was interesting.
Wearing Eva and carrying laundry down the crooked stairs...
or waiting until she was asleep, locking the apartment and running to the basement with the baby monitor.

When we moved, the first thing I did was set up the delivery of our new washer and dryer.
I hugged them when they arrived.
They made me smile... I loved them.

Then, last week, the washer started sounding like an airplane.
A huge 747 taking off in our basement would have been quieter.
So we called the repair man.

He came this morning.
By the faces he was making I knew it was bad.
Then he asked how long ago I bought the washer... 
if I knew when the warranty expired.

He was getting ready to break the bad news, when he stopped and said he was going to call Whirlpool.
He chatted on the phone a few minutes and then started smiling.

Whirlpool was covering the parts... even though the warranty expired.
Parts that would have cost way more than the washer was brand new.
He was shocked and so was I.

While I am super relieved and glad it is getting fixed...
A two year-old washer shouldn't break.

I remember my mom hoping, wishing her old avocado-green washer would die.
A hand-me-down from her mom...
just so she could get a shiny new one that had automatic fabric softener dispenser.

I am going to do some posting today.
The same message boards I searched to see what was causing the airplane-like noises...
I am going to be posting about the free parts.

I guess it never hurts to call the company - thanks Repair Guy Randy.


tinajo said...

Well, good of Whirlpool - companies can be really difficult with such things! I shudder at the thought of being without my washing machine..! :-D

Meredith said...

There was someone else (Dooce maybe?) who I think had the same problem with her almost new washer biting the dust. I think hers was a Maytag though, and it took a heck of a lot of finagling to get them to do ANYTHING.

So, while Whirlpool should definitely have to do better, it's also pretty awesome that they were so quick to take care of it!

Seeing Each Day said...

When Rosie was only a few weeks old my washing machine broke down - I rang the repair people and the lady said the fellow couldn't come until the following week, then as if on cue Rosie started making newborn baby noises and the lady said 'oh. have you got a little baby there, well you can't do without a machine. I'll get him to come tomorrow. !!!

misc.alaina said...

Could have possibly been a known issue, and that was why they were so quick to act! Either way, how awesome for you!!

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Woot! Repairs are rarely good news. But a washer/dryer and newborn are something you can't go without. Hurray Whirlpool!