Recent Moments

EB TB kiss web.jpg

I went to the grocery for the first time... with both kids.
It took me longer to load and unload the car than to shop.

I survived my first double meltdown this evening.
Both kids loosing it and wanting/needing my full attention at the exact same moment.

I am so very spoiled with my Bible Study-Mom's Group bringing me dinners.
These last two weeks of yummy meals are so amazing.

Great friends treated us to a Mexican dinner...
homemade tortillas are the most ridiculously delicious things ever.

Theodore is in 0-3 month clothes and over 9 pounds.
He is a chunky little guy.

Eva is over 3 feet tall.
She is getting way too big.

And bonus, the Eva-monster finally loving on her mommy...
a little bit here and a little hug there. 
Any little bit, I will take.



Sandra Kohlmann said...

Oh Nessa! Your children are total dolls. Eva loves her little brother. You can see it. Beautiful.

I'm glad Eva's coming around to you again. If it makes you feel any better, both of my girls have recently decided to prefer their papa over me and to say they don't love me. And I don't have an adorable little newborn to show for it!

I hope these first few weeks aren't too hard. Way to go venturing out into the world on your own already!

Laura said...

I'm impressed you went out already!! It took me a while.

We had a double meltdown day today too :)

Aren't meals the best? We were so blessed by meals this time and we sure needed it!

Glad you are getting some snuggles. It is hard to balance giving attention to both!! I'm sure you are doing awesome!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

COngrats on surviving your first two-at-once. It gets easier!

Em S said...

That top photo is darling! We wouldn't let the boy touch his brother for the first while because he was always too aggressive. Little T is going to be 19 weeks and he has just started to shows sign of the PRE crawl...everything is going way too fast second time around!

from mel said...

You're doing it, mama. And you're doing a great job!!!!

Adrienne said...

Love the photo of your two together - she seems at her sweetest...and he seems to be 'making sure' you're still paying attention to what's happening!! I forgot about double melt downs! Helps everyone learn that sometimes mom just can't be the immediate answer to everything ;-) Such a huge learning curve, isn't it? Going from single to married and no kids to one were a breeze for me - yet everyone seemed to want to prepare me for it! Adding the second was my "uh-oh! my-life-is-never-gonna-be-the-same" moment...yet no one warned me!! All the uh-ohs turned into ah-hahs, and I did so love every moment of it!! Hugs, thoughts and prayers still coming your way!

Heidi said...

"A Whole New World" from Aladdin is playing in my head as I look at these. Because it really is, isn't it? There are days when I just skip errands for the very reason you stated above; hauling 3 kids in and out of the car takes way longer than what I need to go out for. And Adrienne is right, nobody says anything about the transition from 1 to 2. It just about killed me. :) But you look like you are on top of it, sweet mama.

misc.alaina said...

So glad she is coming around! These photos are soooo sweet! Lucky you with all of those people feeding you. How nice to have such a great support!!