2 Months

TB 2 mos web.psd

*This post and Theodore's one month post's text were both written on my phone.  
It has taken me a bit to add the photos.  These two keep me busy.

Two months.

This one sneaked up on me little man.
We were on vacation...
a nice little cottage in the woods and BAM...

I have a two month old.

With the week seemingly flying by, 
I loose count quickly.

This month there was a lot less daddy time home.
This meant a lot of juggling and figuring things out.

You are awake a lot more.  
Smiling, cooing, and big open mouth grins.

Most of the time, as long a you are held you are just fine.
Here in the last few weeks, you have needed some big bounces to calm down.

TB bink blanket web.jpg

It is still hard to keep you awake and interested most feeds.
I jiggle, poke and prod.
You blink and fall back asleep.

Because you can't stay awake - the middle of the night nursing sessions are becoming more frequent.
Wake, eat a bit, sleep and an hour or two later you repeat.
You seem to be a snacker like your daddy.

Eva has taken a huge liking to you this month.
Even better, when you see or hear her you get all excited and smiley.
Hand holding, hugs and sister kisses.

This is what it is all about.


misc.alaina said...

So precious! So glad your little ones are getting along so well. Happy 2 months!!

tinajo said...

Sweet little one! :-)

Emily Spark said...


MommaBBabyboy said...

So sweet! It's amazing to watch siblings' reaction isn't it!?

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

Please. Stop it. I'm not ready for another one yet.