TB eyes web.jpg

I have a little stalker.
He is finally awake more and his eyes are so big.

Those eyes follow me around a room.
It seems like he knows when I am close - he sniffs me out.
Sniffing, searching, finding and staring.

TB looking web.jpg

If he thinks I am getting out of his line of vision...
things get serious.

Smiles will fade.
Pouts arrive.

TB Yawning web.jpg

Unless the yawns take over.
A handsome stalker such as Theodore needs his beauty rest.


Olivia Grace said...

He is so sweet!!! His eyes are just beautiful!

Melanie said...

Oh the little baby yawn... miss those! AND the teeny tiny baby socks.. MISS those too.

He is amazing Nessa, but you knew that!

misc.alaina said...

Absolutely precious! I remember when I first caught Will staring at me from across the room - my first thought was, uh-oh! Baby yawns are the best!