A Letter

The last two days have been a roller coaster.
My 14 year-old nephew went missing.
He was gone for over 24 hours.

It seemed like days...
and for my sister-in-law, his mommy, I am sure it felt like years.
Everyone was worried sick.

My nephew came home safe and sound.
The honor role student was just being a bonehead.
Thank the Lord.

Poor parents of teenagers... I thought. 
How do they make it through?

I realized I would be a mom to teenagers in about 10 years.
Poor future me.

EB letter web.jpg

While I was on one of the many phone calls with family, 
I gave Eva "marks" to keep her busy.
Highlighters are her favorite form of contraband.

When I got off the phone, I asked what she drew. 
She said, I wrote you a letter mommy.
Then I asked what it said.
It says I love you more.

Oh be still my heart...could she be any sweeter?
This is how parents make it through...
It is all these remarkably sweet moments.
The she quickly added...
It says I watch a Gabba one, cowboy, and some chocolate milk.
Translation: I watch one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, the Dress-up episode 
and you make me a chocolate milk to drink.



Adrienne said...

So she's loving AND clever! ...and oh my, your poor hearts. Given that he is an honor roll student, I'm betting it's a bonehead move he won't ever make again. It was a relief even for me to hear he was fine. And we do forgive an awful lot of stupid along the way in an effort to hold on to the fine!

Emily Spark said...

Too sweet! They can definitely make your heart melt! ...and Oh my for your nephew...teenagers, I can't even imagine.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Im glad your nephew is okay, how scary!! Such a sweet letter though :)

tinajo said...

Good that he was fine after all - the teens are a tough period sometimes.