Pool, Parks and Pie

MB EB jump pool web.jpg
EB peaking over bar.jpg
EB towl web.jpg
TB sunbathing web.jpg
shade bathing
MB EB swings web.jpg
EB static slide web.jpg
forks was pie web.jpg

The cabin was part of a bigger lodge.
It had a huge pool.

I think this is when Eva officially became a fan of the trip.
My woods house has a big pool!
I love the woods house Daddy.

We also tried out the playground...
and found another in the nearby town.
I can't say enough for a good playground.

And homemade apple pie that was shared.
A la mode.

 then, she {snapped}


tinajo said...

Lovely pics, your kiddos are both so sweet! :-)

debra said...

OH MY GOSH how adorable are these kids! :)

misc.alaina said...

Shade bathing looks pretty amazing! Super cute shivering and electrifying!!

Jamie said...

Very cute! Love that one of her peeking over the rail!

The Smiths said...

Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun.

rachel said...

I just love shade bathing. And pie. So good all around. Thanks for linking up for a good cause this week!

Christina at My Moment Captured said...

Wonderful photos, I completely understand why she loved the wood house. :)