cupcake web.jpg

Do you know what that is?

A cupcake?
No, not just any ordinary cupcake.
It is a pumpkin cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting.

I know, right?

Some wonderful and very thoughful people that I consider family, surprised me for my birthday.
Lucky, lucky me.

It has been almost two weeks and I am still thinking about them.
And how I left 4 cupcakes in their fridge.

Oh how I miss them...
the cupcakes and the friends.


Adrienne said...

ummm, yes - amazing! And happy belated!

Cari said...

That looks like a little piece of heaven right there. Fyi, I just saw that recipe on Pinterest, you know, if you want to whip some up in your spare time;)

Happy Birthday, my friend, love, blessings and hugs your way!

Kellie said...

Glad you liked them. You could have taken them home you know! They were yours! And by the way, there were only 3 left. Seems your husband was smart enough to eat one more before leaving!