A little rain and a lot of sunshine

On one of our recent car rides.
The sky was gorgeous.
Light and dark, blue and orange.
With a little rain and a lot of sunshine.

After a night of a starving Theodore who wanted to lap up his milk instead of latch...
and today, a monster who finally figured out how to take all her clothes off
and open the screen door.
Can you say toddler streaker?

I can really say that I am getting better at all of this.
More than that, I am feeling better about it.

I have been waiting for things to get "back to normal" for a while...
and I am just realizing that this IS the normal.
A brand new normal.

I used to run a pretty tight ship.
Dressed and hair fixed before breakfast.
Play dates and library times.
House pretty clean and laundry done.
Dinner made and the evening almost chore free.

The new normal.
Hair up on top of my head... slept with it in a bun.
Choosing pajamas that look kinda like normal clothes - because the public will see them.

I sniffed myself yesterday to make sure I didn't smell like spit-up and need to change.
I did a little, but it wasn't bad enough to make the effort.

Never committing to anything.
"We will try to make it." is my go-to reply.

House sanitary and clothes folded on the couch...
and in the basement
and a basket full on the dining room table...
and some on our bed.

Dinner is risky...
The other night I fed Theo while I stirred food on the stove.
At the same time, Michael was grilling and keeping Eva from riding her bike into the road.

Falling asleep...
 while reading Eva a story, feeding Theodore, folding said laundry on the couch...
or anytime I sit still for too long.

But the last few weeks have been the most insane...and the best.
Sitting down to dinner, I feel like I have won a race.
If dinner is still warm and it is with my husband, it feels like setting a new world record.

Things are looking way up.
More because of the way I am seeing it, I believe, than anything else.

Yeah it isn't all sunshine.
But the rain just makes the sky pretty
and things sparkly.


Emily Spark said...

The new normal is pretty great isn't it...allthe little things just go away and don't make the to dolist any more...priorities shifted for the better!

Rachel said...

And don't worry - 'normal' will shift again, and things will get a lot easier! It's always nice to be reminded of that on those days when the hard stuff feels like it's going to last forever. Your two babies are so precious.

Kelly said...

You give me such hope for this winter ;)

MommaBBabyboy said...

They're worth the messy hair & piles of washing though right? :) This post is so relatable, it's like you read my mind! Xxx