Recent Moments

Visiting our friends' new house.
It is old and amazing.

Celebrating the new home.
Dinner and dessert - still warm cookies and ice cream.

Catching up with friends.
Taking photos of the toddler hugs.

Suckers in the backseat.
Help to make a 3 hour drive a little more fun.

Grandpa snuggles.
The kind that turn into a nap for both of them.


Melanie said...

Oh Nessa... I can't believe how big that little bug is! Grandpa snuggles are really GOOD snuggles! Oh how I've missed your pretty pictures, adorable kiddos, & beautiful words. I've been working on my photography biz... hasn't been leaving a ton of time for blogland. Sad face.

Stephanie said...

SO SO SWEET! I love these photos!

Emily Spark said...

Grandpa snuggles leading to nap...best thing ever!

misc.alaina said...

Mmm, still warm cookies! Loving the toddler hugs and Grandpa snuggles!! very sweet!!

Adeena said...

Awww.. love the toddler hugs and Grandpa snuggles! :D