The Farm

Things have been rushing along.
I am choosing sometimes between getting more than 4 hours of sleep at night...
or checking e-mail and stopping in here.

Choosing between cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry.
Things have to give.
But it is good - busy but really good.

Theodore is smiling and cooing at us.
Eva is kissing and hugging him.
Those are the important things.

We went to a farm recently.
I fed Theodore in a barn...
while Eva hand ground corn and talked about the stinky pigs.

Both babies happy.
Both babies smiling.
It was a great day.

barn -web.jpg
queen anne lace-web.jpg
EB farm-web.jpg
Farm Rosy sign-web.jpg
EB MB Farmer-web.jpg
Daddy EB farm-web.jpg


Adrienne said...

Such a pretty place ~ nice to hear about such a happy day there. Love Eva's farm visiting dress! I'm so glad you're getting smiles, coos, hugs and kisses mixed in with all the laundry and sleeplessness! hugs!

misc.alaina said...

Such a pretty post! Looks like a wonderful farm, and great adventure for Eva! So glad things are going well, and don't feel bad about taking time for yourself and your beautiful family because that is always more important!!

Seeing Each Day said...

Sounds like you are very content (and busy) right now - that's lovely to have got out for a day and experience a bit of a different scene.

Melanie said...

I want to live their ASAP. If I can't move in... I at least want to steal their white front door. Ha!

Now this looks like a perfect day!