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Fall's arrival is a little sad for me.
Winter and I have our issues.
The cold, the yuck, the gray slush.

This morning I decided to forget 
that Fall means Winter is right behind.

Just stopping and enjoying...
the new angle of the sun through the windows.
how the sunsets are so much more colorful now.
the edges of the leaves are starting to turn the yellows and reds.
evening walks without mosquito swatting.

 Looking forward to...
layers, sweaters and jackets.
apples and orchards.
pumpkins to carve and eat.
big family dinners.

joining: embrace the camera.


Danielle Huddleston said...

Winter means a break from the heat finally for me! Oklahoma summers are pretty intense. Glad you are able to enjoy fall in spite of it :) It is my favorite time of the year!

tinajo said...

Dressing with layers and the rich colors in the nature is what I love most with fall - but I´m not too keen on winter either, especially not the grey slush. Had it been white snow it would be another matter, but that happens rarely in my parts of Sweden.

Noe said...

Oh my! what a sweet post! ... GOD I miss fall....
Enjoy it dear! as much as you can! coz it's certainly the best time of the year.

leemeandthegirls said...

Love your perspective! So beautiful. :)

Silvia said...

We just moved to the high desert, we had 105 degree heat for like 6weeks this summer and I am so looking forward to fall. I will be sure to appreciate the crisp afternoons, the awesome sunsets and my jackets, hats and scarves! Btw beautiful photo. Such a peaceful moment!