Theodore dining al fresco.
Mr. Giraffe
Sleepy guy.
On a train ride.

Purple sunset.
Mmmm tasty.
The only time I eat these... and it is a "have to"
First game... 

We headed to Cincinnati on Saturday.
We were meeting the grandparents for a baseball game...
and decided to squeeze in a quick trip to the zoo before.

It was a late game and feeding Theordore in the stands...
I was pretty nervous about how it would go.
It worked out just fine.

Better than fine.
We made it to the seventh inning stretch.
It was a great day.

Sometimes I worry too much.


Hanna said...

I think it's a requirement to worry when you're a mom - I'm glad it worked out better than fine!!

Adrienne said...

So good to step out through the worry and not to stay stuck behind it. So good. Somehow I think that's really what they learn as we go out on adventures in spite of the what ifs that dance in our heads! LOVE that sunset over the ball park...and am very partial to giraffes.

Emily S said...

Sounds like it was a successful evening out with the kids!

misc.alaina said...

Looks like a fun adventure for all! Glad everything went well!! Cute shots!

Kelly said...

i've sort been an unblogger lately...He's here and big. wishing a very happy although belated congratulations to you and your family. he precious.

the zoo + baseball = perfection!

Kelly said...

I love when things work out so much better than we are expecting. We wouldn't be such great moms if we didn't worry all the time though ;) hehehe