A Third

TB 1-3 Bday serious web.psd

Four Months.
One third of a year Mr. Theodore.

When they say no baby is the same, boy do they mean it.
You and your sister are so different it is ridiculous...
but I think your mommy is starting figure things out.

Your gaining weight and rolls.
You like cluster feed and then take a long naps.
Instead of fighting it, and trying to feed you the way everyone says is the best...
I have adjusted to what you like.

Nursing and bottle feeding you right before your big snoozes
and pumping while you sleep has made things so much easier.
Way better than using ice packs to make you stay awake to eat.

4:30 or 5:00 in the morning is your chatter time.
You yell, yell louder, and smile big grins...
 no matter how emphatically I tell you it is still time to sleep.

You not a fan of tummy-time.
And now that you have figured out how to roll...
you get a lot less of it.

So far you have stayed in the same area on the floor, just scooting in a circle...
but I see the times of putting you in a spot and you staying there is getting shorter and shorter.

TB 1-3 bday smile web.psd

You are laughing and smiling all the time.
You love to talk and see our faces.

You definitely know who your mommy and daddy are.
Your eyes follow us around the room...
and your face lights up when we come into view.

The person you love to watch the most is your sister.
You get so excited to watch her dance and sing.
It is the cutest.

Happy 4 months little man.
Love us.


Adrienne said...

Boston.heart.melting...such a great grin! And he's got great eyes...like someone else I find adorable! Four months, hardly seems possible. I'm glad he's getting some rolls and hope you're getting some sleep!

Lillian said...

Oh my gosh - I read that title and though, "NO way!! A third little one already???" That smile is too, too sweet:)

Emily S said...

Happy 4 months! The last picture is the cutest! It is funny how each child is so different, you try to keep them on a schedule, but they make their own, and it is so much better for everyone.

Kelly said...

would it be weird to call him a gorgeous baby? Because he truly is! Such joy in that sweet little face. I'm glad you are figuring things out and going with the flow. I know people have all these "rules" as far as feeding goes but do what works best for you and T and you will both thrive xoxoox

Silvia said...

Super cute kiddo! Those eyes and smile are awesome! I've been keeping up with your posts lately as life is slowing down for me a bit and am rejoicing for you as you share about his weight gain and such. Thanks for letting us readers along for bits of your journey!