EB caught drawing on wall.psd

EB wall drawing.psd

My little graffiti artist.
She was being so quiet and coloring while I nursed Theodore.
I should have known.

Her sad face is not because she was caught.
That is not the face of a remorseful chid.

That is the face of a child proud of her art work...
and upset that I said we had to clean the wall.
She didn't want her pictures to be gone.


Jen | Our Happy Family said...

Oh no! this very much reminds me of my little 2 year old girl who lately is adding her touches all over home, and usually while I'm nursing the baby! thank goodness most of it comes off!

Emily S said...

OH my....I've seen that faces many times. That happened with me today, the boy got a hold of the water colors...fortunately, though, it is washable.

misc.alaina said...

Sounds like my Will, he would only be upset that I asked him to stop what he was doing! Poor momma - hope it wasn't too hard to clean!

Julia said...

this is so sweet, and so typical. Love it.

Lora said...

she's such a talented little artist! i remember ruth and joseph drawing on the back of our front door. i would paint over it, and they would draw again. it happened several times before i finally just gave up and left the drawings. eventually they grew out of that phase, and i painted over it. it's blank now, and to be honest, i miss those little drawings!!
thanks so much for your sweet encouraging comment today on my blog. that meant so much to me! :)