tomatos sink web.jpg
tomatos cooker web.jpg

Our not-so-great garden from earlier this summer...
has made a huge comeback.
After the drought left, the tomatoes have arrived in abundance.

A crockpot full of skinned fruit...
with a little garlic, onion and a bay leaf.
8 hours later there is a pot of stewed tomatoes ready for the freezer.

I have a few more rounds to go and there are more ripening.
I see a lot of chili and sauce in our future.


tinajo said...

It looks wonderful, I love tomatoes! :-)

Carri said...

I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce this weekend- love having a home filled with that smell

misc.alaina said...

Wow, those tomatoes look amazing! I am sure you can think of a lot of uses for those!!