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Operation: make Theodore fat.

After a great weight gain in the beginning of the month...
Mr. Theodore is back to not gaining weight like he should.

So that means we are back to feeding every 2 hours, whether he appreciates it or not.
From his reaction to waking him up at 3:00 a.m.
I'd can say he isn't a huge fan.

I am syringe feeding him anything that he doesn't finish up.
Going and having his latch and feeding observed.
And a couple of weight checks this week to make sure all the extra calories are sticking.

And to make things even more interesting...
we all came down with a cold this weekend.
Runny noses, fevers and coughs.

I wish I could feed him liquid Krispie Kremes.

and then, she {snapped} 


Meredith said...

Just thinking of you Nessa! We had some problems with Lizzy and gaining weight...but were so blessed to have a pediatrician who didn't freak about it at all. Hoping you guys are in the same boat!

Kelly said...

Oh N :/ I know this must be so stressful. Maybe he's just meant to be tiny? Sending lots of squishy fat vibes your way!! xoxox

tinajo said...

I hope it will work smoothly!

Stephanie said...

Oh my word, aren't feeding struggles the worst? Thinking of you guys!

Rachel said...

Ugh, I know several people who have had trouble with their little ones gaining weight, and it is SO frustrating! Try not to worry or get stressed (easier said than done, I know!) I hope he starts beefing up for you soon. :)

rachel said...

I'm sure he'd love the krispy kremes too! Keep up the good work. Operation fatten Theodore up! He is so adorable, and I love stripes on baby boys. Charlie had a similar outfit when he was a wee one.