Pumpkin Picking

pupmkins web.jpg
barn pumpkin patch web.jpg
EB picking pumpkin web.jpg
EB little pumpkins web.jpg
EB pumpkin hug web.jpg
TB NB pumpkin patch.jpg
TB pumpkin patch web.jpg
EB TB pumpkin patch web.jpg
TB EB toes pumpkin web.jpg

Pumpkin patch.

Eva found some baby pumpkins.
Then found her size and gave it hugs because...
I love punkins, mommy.

Theodore tolerated us propping him up here and there.
Our little bald old man.

Big sister hugs and counting his toes.

There were homemade donuts.
Apple cider goodness...
We saved them until after dinner.

They were amazing.
I thought about stealing Eva's ...
I didn't - just barely controlled myself.

I did convince her to feed mommy some bites of hers.
She is so sweet.


tinajo said...

Such sweet pics of two pumpkins in the pumpkin field..! :-)

Stephanie said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I hope you guys have a good Halloween!

aimymichelle said...

wow that place looks amazing!