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First we had trick-or-treat at my parents.
After last year, I was looking forward an older Eva filling her candy bucket.

The first thing she saw when we got to my parents:
 a creepy, scary clown with fangs.

He turned around and waved to Eva.
She freaked and wrapped arms and legs around me like a vice.
There was no way Eva was leaving the house after that.

So, she helped grandma pass out candy.
Theodore, a teddy bear, supervised from the couch.
He didn't do the great job as supervisor.

Eva was handing out fistfuls...
sometimes two fistfuls in each bag.
There was a banana that I know came by twice to reap the bounty.
Grandpa had to make a emergency candy run to compensate.

Last night it was our neighborhoods turn.
 A little elephant came over to our house to join us for trick-or-treat.

It was cold and raining, but having a buddy convinced Eva Plex to go.
Once Eva realized that people were putting candy in her bag, she was hooked.

The weather and a late nap (him not me) kept me and Theodore inside,
but you couldn't tell it was freezing cold and rainy by how much fun Eva had.


tinajo said...

Haha - a greedy banana! :-D

Glad she enjoyed!

Lori said...

Too cute! I love her costume!

Emily S said...

She is adorable! Once they figure out they get something they are hooked!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

plex! awesome costume choice.

Adrienne said...

I'll start by admitting that 'plex' means nothing to me...must google! Glad she found an buddy to help her with 'trying again'... and that she had a good time. There's a life lesson in there somewhere ;-) Cute little buttons you have!