Potty Trained Light at the end of the Tunnel

Recently, Eva has been acting so big.
Then I realized that she is so big.

She can dress herself.
She can put her shoes on.
(Mostly on the correct feet.)
She rode her tricycle to the park last night.
(With her daddy right behind her.)

We are shopping for the big girl bed.
She is excited.
We are coming along slowly.
Her not wanting to nap in a diaper was the big push that we needed.

Eva is potty trained.
There it is - in black and white.

It was a process for us.
Not a three day deal...
more like six months.

Little by little and step by step...
We used rewards.
Went naked.
Carried a few changes of clothes.
Pottied on the side of the road and in parking lots.
Had accidents and bought emergency clothes.

We were being trained right along with her...
asking her 100 times: Do you need to go potty?
making her try even when she said she didn't need to.
learning that the far back corner of Target is not a place to hang out for long periods of time...
especially after giving her a huge cup of juice that is now empty.

So I guess I should really say...
We are potty trained.

Black and White Wednesday


tinajo said...

Wohoo - not an easy task always! I had one who wanted nothing else than using the toilet as big people do, and another who really didn´t want to at all. Funny thing is, that he learned faster than his brother who wanted to! :-D

Emily S said...

That is so flipping exciting! We are making slow steps, too, but very slow. Congrats! Good luck with the next step!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

You are so, so lucky! Way to stick with it and be patient! V is almost there, but still has accidents once in a while, especially when sleeping in the car. C is coming along, but still usually wakes up wet in the morning and typically has an accident everyday or so. Then there was last Thursday, when between the two of them, there was 0 use of the potty all day! Ack! Plus, the gals are so tiny that even though they use a regular toilet, they can only do so with a little potty seat on top, so we still have to drag that around. So color me jealous. I'll remember Eva each and every time I'm packing up a potty into the car and having the girls use it in a parking lot!

Carri said...

Congrats! I love that it feels official now :)

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! You are soo patient! I really like how you describe your parenthood-life.. It's cool.. You write about stuff I don't really thinking about as a non-parent.. I mean.. Im around a ton of little ones, but it's cool seeing it through your eyes! Congrats on potty training!


Heidi said...


Lish said...

Congrats!!! That's such a great big step and such a weight off ur shoulders :) I love that picture too!

misc.alaina said...

Awesome! I am so unsure of where to start with Will, so that is still on our list!! Glad you can check this one off yours!

Amy said...

yay! congrats to all of you!!
now just a few more years until you do it all over again! :)