Half Date

Eva Going to Grandmas
Theodore Peeking
Restaurant Table
Sushi half date

After a visit from grandma and grandpa
Eva bounced/ran out the door with them to stay the night.

So, we waited until Theodore's sleep time...
bundled him up and headed out.

We went to a place we had been waiting to try.
Theodore was asleep by the time we parked.

a sleeping baby
holding hands
eating slowly
sharing plates

A half date with my husband...
completely wonderful.


Adrienne said...

I remember the first time we went out with Melissa asleep in the "kangaroo" (that dates me!)...she slept through a long walk and a movie! It's a good feeling!

Emily S said...

Sounds like a perfect little half date!

Kelly said...

Perfection :)

Stephanie said...

Aww...so sweet! And now I want sushi. : )