EB pointing web.jpg

Eva is screaming in her bed right now.
Not crying - just amazingly loud, high pitched screeching.
I don't want to nappy!!

Nap time has been really hard lately.
A battle of wills, and it is wearing me out.
I have even thought about just skipping it.

Over the weekend we did on accident.
Visiting family - out and about during nap time.
The hysterical fit throwing that occurred was a huge reality check.
She needs her nap.

Not only is she fighting sleep...
she can now get in and out of her crib with the ease of a seasoned fence jumper.

It is really time for the big girl bed.
We have been holding on to the crib for dear life.
A big girl bed will be here soon.

EB pond web.jpg

Good news:
She has slept the last 3 nights training pants free!

We have been rocking big girl undies at nap time the last week or so
But not at night.
Going to bed without them wasn't our idea.

Eva decided she didn't like them anymore. 
She fought us putting them on.
We persisted and so...
she just took it off.

The reality:
Our monster is growing up really fast...
and dragging us along with her kicking and screaming.


Adrienne said...

You know...for what it's worth, I was a mom who believed in choosing her battles. My kids'll tell you there weren't that many rules. There was a 'no playing with doors' rule. A get out of my face space rule. And I believe that kids need sleep. Or down time. A lot. Consistently. So there weren't a lot of battles, but this was one of them...and we never budged. It wasn't fun...but it worked wonders for both of them!! Good luck lady!

Julia said...

Love that first picture so much. And hang in there! Sleep is so important---I hope she keeps up the great work with potty training, too.

Heidi said...

This has always been the hardest transition for me because along with these little turkeys still needing a nap, I need them to be put away. Big girl beds are a big deal in this house and they have always helped turn bedrooms into personal spaces, where the girls have a little bit of autonomy. This growing up stuff is exhausting and exciting, huh? Mostly exhausting. ;)

tinajo said...

I feel for you, hope it gets on track soon! :-)

Amy Renea said...

ok that first picture is MAGIC. Second -- I hear you on the crib! we fought tooth and nail even when the boys would hurl themselves out all night long. The big kid beds work better than I ever would imagine. Hope the journey for you (and her!) seamless and peaceful! ...and when it is not, well escaping to the other end of the house helps ;)