november calendar web.jpg
November has snuck up on me. 
I just flipped the calendar.
I have a lot of catch up to do.

rock washer web.jpg
I found this rock in the washer.
We are officially in a new era...
checking a little girls pockets for goodies before washing her clothes.

EB bumbo web.jpg
Theodore loves his bumbo.
I think Eva loves it more.

phone web.jpg
I have been reading my first digital book.
I swore I never would do it...
but it is so nice to have a book on my phone.

insanity box.jpg
I like these - they are tough.
It has been three weeks since I cracked open the box.
Week one - I didn't miss a single workout.
Week two - only managed 3 days.
Last week - not one single minute.
This week - I can only do better I guess.

MB EB painting nails web.jpg
Mb EB toes painted web.jpg
Daddy pedicures are the best.
They really are.

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Noe said...
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Noe said...

The pic of Eva and her daddy? priceless!
Your posts have the incredible magic trick of taking away the stress of being myself for a few minutes ... there's just something soothing about 'em... and I thank you for that...
Also... I can't believe it's November Already!!! Where did the year go?

Adrienne said...

I have very specific memories from my childhood of sitting on my grandfather's lap while he clipped and filed my nails - he was so gentle, tender...took time with me. What a special connection to have with daddy!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Daddy is better at painting tiny toenails than I am! I am constantly finding little pebbles and such in the washing machine. I check pockets, but they always manage to make it in there. My gals are such collectors.

Meredith said...

I feel a little crazy saying this, but I kind of can't wait to get back to Shaun T!

Also? The Daddy pedicure?! SO SWEET!